YaraMay Computer Maintenance Services have Technical support specialists who are knowledgeable about computer systems, electronic systems, and software applications with Computer Networking. They can help people, answer questions, and troubleshoot any related problems about technology-based products and services. When helping customers and end-users, the technical support specialist will ask specific questions in order to understand the issue. Since YaraMay computer maintenances services customers are not familiar with technical terms and may be frustrated in trying to explain the problem, our support specialist will require patience, good listening skills and excellent communicating skills.

YaraMay Computer Maintenance Services provides web and system infrastructure services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to clients in the following:
Email/Webmail/Mobile Support Web and system 24/7 technical support Information is your most valuable asset. Web maintenance and support has always been a challenging task especially when you want to ensure your Web and System functions seamlessly without any hardware or software failover. We at YaraMay Computer Services has 24/7 I.T Support that specializes in providing assistance to individual consumers with reliable and cost-effective solutions.

CCTV technology has come a long way over the years and DVR installations have proven their value in many thousands of cases in both crime prevention and detection. Home, Office, Schools, Retail, Service Station, Government facilities and Industrial sites can all benefit from CCTV equipment, IP cameras and ANPR. From a simple standalone DVR to an integrated shop IP network camera system, we can assist you with market leading design, planning and installation of your CCTV security and surveillance system, at an affordable price, and in a way, that will give you a measurable return on your investment. We will use the very latest technologies and provide you with outstanding customer support. Our experts will assess your site and your needs, and produce an integrated security solution that will deliver a comprehensive CCTV system and be simple to use. YaraMay Computer Maintenance Services provides quality CCTV Security Camera installation, monitoring and warranty for the parts, maintenances and labor. Note: We provide service for 12 to 24 months which includes maintenance and back up of records on a weekly & monthly basis. For a free, no-obligation survey and quotation – contact us now

Yaramay Computer Maintenance Service ( YMCMS) is a leading Computer ,Networking and Web systems for creating applications to be used across multiple electronic devices. Its flagship solution, called the I.T Support . The YMCMS is also a provider a Technical maintenance for computer , hardware , software , like windows , English and also windows Arabic , including for our technical and web software we have also a computer Networking maintenance. Yaramay Computer Maintenance Service , has become an industry standard for many businesses throughout the world. It is a company that provide a Tech and I.T support for industry, corporation, small business, including a Manpower , Establishments , School, even the government facilities. 2018, the company released its latest web application, OFW MONITORING SYSTEM . Help addresses the specific needs for development of manpower out side of the country , and also to monitor the deployment.

Some of our technical support specialists work internally for a company and also some works outside of the company. Their job includes conducting on-going testing of the company's existing equipment and software programs, Computer Networking, Server and Computer Hardware. If new software or hardware is received, they will test the product, provide feedback to the Clients, and make sure the products are compatible with the company's existing products and systems. When systems are re-vamped company-wide, the technical support specialist will set up training sessions to introduce the new software or hardware to the employees, explaining how they work in layman's terms.

YaraMay Computer Maintenances Services (YCMS) is also a company that can provide Windows in Arabic, Windows System in Arabic and can make a Company Server. Our company also provides I.T. and Tech support through calls, office visits, site visits and even emergency situations to provide great support of our beloved clients.

Our Objective

  • Prevent unnecessary and premature hardware failures
  • To ensure that software is up to date and functioning at optimal levels
  • For an extra degree of protection in backing up key files and documents
  • To help extend the life of the computer
  • To establish a connection between offices, establishment, government, school and soon facilities

“We offer affordable and convinient service and make sure of the satisfactory of our client”

Our Proposal

  • Provide processes and practices on keeping computers in good working order
  • Involves maintaining both the hardware and the software on the computer
  • We also offer an extended maintenance contract, so that business clients can deal with technical support and repair needs as a single-line item expense
  • Installation of any necessary applications, software, web, web system, programs, and updates
  • To provide the best IT and Technical Support to those who don't have IT or technical support in their office or facilities